Associate membership details.

  • Defined as long distance member ( + 60 Km radius of the Alroy Tavern, Plumpton , NSW) or
  • Non-Car owning member or
  • Non 72-78 ford V8 car owning member or
  • A 72 -78 ford V8 car enthusiast.

As an Associate Member you would,

  1. Receive colour club newsletters, the clubs “survival guide”, released January and June each year.
  2. Have access to merchandise ( at a non-discounted rate)
  3. Can attend runs and attend club meetings.
  4. Can attend the club Xmas party (at your own full cost)
  5. Would have no say in committee, ie no voting.
  6. Be under The 72-78 Ford V8 Club of NSW conduct and constitution rules.
  7. Be covered under the clubs public insurance for events
  8. Have fun and enjoy the family friendly environment of the Club!

Associate Membership would be half of the Annual Full rate.

View the attached PDF of our membership form with all costs.

Print, fill out and return.

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